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What does this mean ? Windows 7 64bit, Russian

c:\>tracert google.com

Трассировка маршрута к google.com []
с максимальным числом прыжков 30:

1   224 ms   186 ms   219 ms  la-in-f113.1e100.net []

Трассировка завершена.


c:\>tracert facebook.com

Трассировка маршрута к facebook.com []
с максимальным числом прыжков 30:

1   256 ms   248 ms   279 ms  edge-star-ecmp-13-frc1.facebook.com []

Трассировка завершена.
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It means you have a typical Russian-style ISP that throws Internet standards out the window. So programs that rely on standards compliance like Trace Route return non-sense/jibberish.

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That, or you've got really good connectivity. ;-) –  nickgrim Feb 8 '13 at 12:31
Tested on another ISP, tracert showed another picture with a few hops. I seems to me the problem is really the provider. –  Kerb Feb 11 '13 at 12:19

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