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I tried updating several HP Proliant DL380 G7 ILOs today to firmware version 1.50. Some had 1.15, some had 1.26. Those with the older revision refused to accept the firmware blob, the newer ones did update successfully.

Is this behaviour expected or documented somewhere?

Updating to 1.50 via 1.26 is acceptable, I do wonder why this happens though.

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It happens because the iLO 1.50 firmware has a new signature mechanism, and only 1.20 and later have the ability to check the signature. You'll notice the images are slightly larger. – davenpcj Apr 3 '13 at 19:54
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You typically need to update to ILO3 version 1.28 and then move to version 1.50.

As you can can see below, I keep both ILO versions handy on my jump server, just in case I encounter an ILO3 with a <1.20 firmware version.

enter image description here

In the ILO firmware package README file:

PREREQUISITE: iLO 3 v1.20 BUILD DATE: 8/20/2012 EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/24/2012 DESCRIPTION: Firmware for the Hewlett-Packard Integrated Lights-Out 3 Management Controller



RECOMMENDED: Includes new enhancements, features, and/or minor bug fixes.

FIRMWARE DEPENDENCY: iLO 3 should be upgraded to v1.20 before upgrading to this version.

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