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I have been blocking by ip with shorewall and the blacklist file. I have decided to block a few country entirely and the blacklist file is huge!

So my question is this:

Is it possible to have multiple blacklist files for shorewall? If so how would you go about loading them?

If not, is there another alternative?

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According to this, you could save your "adresses non gratae" as ipsets and reference these sets from your blacklist file.

You'd need to write a script though that feeds the list into shorewall though at least once.

Note that this requires at least shorewall 4.4.0.

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Thanks for the info. Im going to give this a shoot. I'm fairly new to shorewall and iptables so this will give me some added experience working with both. – jphreak Feb 10 '13 at 6:17

Under recent shorewall versions, all configuration files accept the INCLUDE directive, so you could set up those files and include them from the master blacklist file.

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