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I have P2000 SAS storage with RAID6 configured on 8 disks 1TB 7k2rpm. I want to add RAID1+0 with 4 SAS15K 300GB.

The question is, does this storage support this setup? Should it work without any difficulties with 2 RAID types? Thanks.

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Yes. This works.

In HP P2000 language, vdisk is the term that represents a grouping of like-disks. You can have a vdisk comprised of one drive type and another of a different drive type in the same enclosure. This sounds like you have a 12-bay enclosure. If you were using a 24-bay enclosure, the maximum number of drives in a single vdisk is 16... Not an issue in your case...

Here's the P2000 provisioning guide for your reference.

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