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We are trying to merge two google apps accounts. One of the domains will need to end up as a secondary domain within the other google apps account.

I think I have found a way to go about this to reduce service downtime to as little as possible, I'd like your opinion on this:

Google support told me that in order to do this, I'd have to first delete the domain from the first account, then after having waited for a Google system flush (2-3 hours) I'll have to register the domain in the other account.

My problem is that during the flush interval I'll lose all incoming emails because no mail server will exist in its MX record. My first idea was to use Dyn Backup MX service. However, the higher priority MX records will be Google's servers which will not go down, therefore email senders will just receive a undelivery notification and the backup service will not kick in.

So I thought the solution might be the Dyn Email Gateway service. These are the steps I'd like to take:

  1. set my domain MX records to dyn MX (mailhop) and destination mail server to Google Apps MX record (email continues to work at this point)
  2. change the dyn email gateway destination mail server to a dummy record. The dyn email gateway service should not reach this smtp server and it will start to keep emails in the backup buffer
  3. delete/recreate the domain in the Google Apps accounts (2-3 hours needed for flush)
  4. change the dyn email gateway destination back to Google Apps MX record
  5. Dyn email gateway should now flush all backupped emails

Do you think it's correct? I've a doubt on step 2: when I change destination mail server to a dummy value (record exists, but no smtp service is available), will the Dyn email gateway service recognize that the service is down and stop me from changing the value?

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What did you end up discovering for this ? – jonathanserafini Jul 6 '13 at 14:15
We didn't merge the domains. As far as I know this is however still the best option for merging two google apps domains. – Workaround Man Feb 10 '14 at 13:34

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