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Firstly. I want to meet the person or team who came up with the way SCE works, because they can't possibly be sane.

Secondly. I am trying to configure my low disk space email alert to actually show me what disk is low, and how low it is. I am in the alert description edit box. I have managed to insert the computer's network name, and its ip address. But if I try to add data it just inserts this line


and then tells me to replace [PropertyName] with the name of the property of the data item.

How do I find out the property names of the data items I'm trying to look at?

And a secondary question: Is it possible to insert line breaks into this alert description? (to make it more readable) If I press enter or shift-enter it just submits the changes.

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To answer my own question, I found the following page - which gives a list of values.

Through trial and error I determined that the following are the values I was looking for


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