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I have a script where I would like to start nc in listening mode on, but I would like to do it from, where I have this script

ssh -n nc -l 8023 | mbuffer -s 128k -m 1G | zfs receive $zfsPath
zfs send $newestSnap | mbuffer -s 128k -m 1G | nc -w 60 8023

The problem is, that if I execute the script from then it won't continue after the first line have been executed, because nc is now waiting/listening for a connection on port 8023.


I would like to execute the above from, but how do I get it to continue after the first line?

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You can start things in the background by using & behind the command. I am not sure of the precise syntax, but if you put all in one [shell]command and add & it should work. – Hennes Feb 13 '13 at 16:25
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ssh -n "nc -l 8023 | mbuffer -s 128k -m 1G | zfs receive $zfsPath &"
zfs send $newestSnap | mbuffer -s 128k -m 1G | nc -w 60 8023

This runs the command and puts it in the background allowing control to pass on to the next line.

I don't have a zfs system to hand so tested it with

ssh -n remote.tld  "nc -l 8023 | wc -l  >/tmp/test &"
ls | nc -w 60 remote.tld 8023

and the correct output appeared in the remote /tmp/test file.

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