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I have three harddrives and I want to have two permission groups:

ShareDrive: Read / Write permission
TVDrive: Read permission
Personal drive: No Read / Write permission (ideally they can't even see it)

Group 2:
ShareDrive: Read / Write permission
TVDrive: Read / Write permission
Personal drive: Read / Write permission

Can anyone tell me how this should be done? Ideally I would have two users account but I can only work out how to set things up with a single user account.

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Usually this is simply done by access rights in the filesystem... (except for the visibility)

OK, more detail:

ls /shares
ShareDrive TVDrive homes

chgrp Group1 /shares/ShareDrive /shares/TVDrive
chgrp Group2 /share/homes

chmod -R g=rX,o= /shares/ShareDrive /shares/TVDrive /share/homes

setfacl -R g:Group2:rwX /shares/ShareDrive /shares/TVDrive
setfacl -R -d g::rX,g:Group2:rwX,o:- /shares/ShareDrive /shares/TVDrive

If Group2 is not the primary GID of the users it may be useful to either do once chmod -R g+S or add g:Group1:rX to the setfacl -d.

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A bit more detail would make this a mre useful answer. – Dave M Feb 14 '13 at 15:54

The valid users directive in samba's configuration file could help you achieve this.

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