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I know this sounds weird, but that's what it looks like.

I've got a debian squeezy x64 server (let's call Server X) it with yafc 1.1.1.dfsg.1-4. I am currently trying to move an online shop from server A to server B.

Because my local internet connection is way to slow, I am using server X as an intermediate ftp client (I don't have ssh access to server A or server B). So I did the following:

mkdir temp
cd temp
> open [server A]
> [entered username]
> [entered password]
> cd /html/shop
> get -r *
> ls
> exit

It all looked good 'till here. Then I went on:

> open [server B]
> [entered username]
> [entered password]
> cd /html/hop [the directory already existed]
> put -r *

I all looked good here, too. Until I looked a bit further.
The shop was not yet configured (new database name etc.), but I entered the URL in my browser nonetheless. And I got a "file not found" message which should not have been there.

To make it short: some (only a few) filenames were wrong, as if someone mistyped it. application_top.php was application_pop.php, database_tables.php was database_tabses.php, and xtc_db_select_db.cnc.php should instead have been xtc_db_select_db.inc.php

I found some other files, too - all with the same pattern: Counting from the end of the name, the 7th character is replaced by the 5th. Or the third character before the last dot is changed to the last character before the dot, the result is the same. And: This is repeatable. I deleted all files on server B and server X and started from the beginning, with exactly the same result (Though I only checked application_top.php and database_tabses.php the first time, all the other files are after the second try).

Doing the same transfers from my local machine with filezilla gives correct results.

Have you ever heard of something like that?

PS: I have now used the backup/restore function of Confixx instead, so this error is not critical to me currently, but I wonder what is happening here.

I now have uploaded mysql.tar.gz to find the filename changed to mysqlatar.gz - so it seems to be the 7th/5th character rule mentioned above, the dot does not matter.
There has been no question whether to replace the existing mysql.tar.gz.

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check the md5sums on the binaries/libs are correct? –  kormoc Feb 14 '13 at 23:44

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