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A file match for *.tmp also returns various *.tmpll files, is there anyway to restrict it to *.tmp files only?

dir C:\*.tmp /s

Also lists a load of *.tmpll files as well.

Reason for doing this is to provide a simple way of deleting all windows temp files now that CleanMgr has been removed from Server 2012. Even if restored CleanMgr no-longer works properly, it doesn't have options for deleting temp files only recycle bin and thumbnails.

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Why exactly do you want to do this? What benefit is there? – MDMarra Feb 15 '13 at 11:47
As mentioned in original post: CleanMgr no-longer works so server 2012 does not have any way of clearing temp files. Temp files cannot be left to build up forever without causing problems so looking for a way of clearing temp files, like clearmgr used to do. – NickC Mar 26 '13 at 10:18

As a partial answer you could exclude the tpmll files with the following command:

dir C:\*.tmp /s | findstr /vi "\.tmpl"

You'll probably find other things...

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