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I have a Huwawei modem and a TP Link access point, I did the setup everything works, the TP Link is using the DHCP of the modem. The issue is that I want to use TP LINK as DHCP, not the Huwawei.

In the network panel of TP Link, I set the type from DHCP to Static, I gave TP Link a static adress and enabled its DHCP server, then I disabled the DHCP server on Huwawei.

The IP range on Hwawei DHCP server was 2 -> 64, and on TP Link is 100 -> 199. So when I connected the devices they got addresses starting from 100, which means they are using TP Link DHCP server. But now the problem is that I don't have internet on these devices, what's wrong?

Additional Details: In the TP Link network panel, I set the static IP address to: and gateway to

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If the TP-Link is distributing itself as the gateway via DHCP, and is not forwarding the traffic through to the Huawei, it's fairly obvious why people using the new DHCP are unable to use internet. See if you can alter the TP-Link's DHCP gateway option, to send the Huawei as gateway.

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Most likely you didn't set either DNS or default gateway settings for the AP's DHCP server.

DNS should probably be the DNS servers the modem uses. It will list them somewhere.

Gateway should be the internal address of the modem.

You might also have to set the gateway in the AP's IP address settings, not just its DHCP settings.

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