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What is the correct format using special characters in http_proxy environment variable?
Or to be mor specific, what to do with special characters in username or password when authenticate to http proxy on the command line.

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What do you mean by "special characters"? – John Gardeniers Feb 15 '13 at 12:39
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At first, the complete format is:


Every special character in username and password must not conflict with the characters used in the above format AND must be URL compliant.

Here is an example:

User:   my@email.address  
PW:     a%b(c/x@y z
Port:   8080



And to prevent bash interpretation of any character always use single-quotes.

You can set this system wide in /etc/environment like this:


Easy URL encoding/decoding:

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Suppose your username is foo and your password is bar$.

Quote them:

http_proxy='http://foo:bar$@localhost:3128/' wget

Or escape them:

http_proxy=http://foo:bar\$@localhost:3128/ wget

What if your password is bar/? URL encode them.

http_proxy="http://foo:bar%2F@localhost:3128/" wget
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