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Whenever I try to install a Windows component (ex. an IIS Module) in the control panel, it runs for a bit and returns:

An error has occurred. Not all the features were successfully changed.

The event viewer gives a clue:

Ran out of time while expanding file specification \?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy24\Windows\softwaredistribution*.*. This was being done for the WUA subscriber.

Operation: OnPostSnapshot event PostSnapshot Event

Context: Execution Context: Shadow Copy Optimization Writer Execution Context: Writer Writer Class Id: {4dc3bdd4-ab48-4d07-adb0-3bee2926fd7f} Writer Name: Shadow Copy Optimization Writer Writer Instance ID: {8148cbcf-fe05-4607-821f-ec024a4fad7f}

Googling this turns up very little of substance. This is a Vista machine which was recently upgraded from XP.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Tom

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You could try to temporarily disable the Volume Shadow Copy service (Windows Services) and install the IIS module. Before you do that, create a system restore point. You'll never know.

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Thanks! That worked. Well, more precisely, I had to disable it, install some things, re-enable it to install others, and after some trial and error it all got installed. Very painful. Thanks for the tip. – Tom Lianza Jul 31 '09 at 2:21

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