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Is it possible to find the command line of a running process with its pid? the output of /proc/pid/cmdline seems that it removes the space character to it is hard to read the output.

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  1. cat /proc/PID/cmdline | tr '\000' ' '

  2. cat /proc/PID/cmdline | xargs -0 echo

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ps can show this:

ps -o cmd fp <PID>

ps can do a lot more. For infos, see man ps

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Put this script in your .bashrc file and source it

$ source ~/.bashrc

You can invoke it with command $pid which takes PIDs as command line argument and gives process name, user(process owner) as ouput eg:

$ pid 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
PID=1  Command=systemd  User=root
PID=2  Command=kthreadd  User=root
PID=3  Command=ksoftirqd/0  User=root
PID=5  Command=kworker/0:0H  User=root
PID=7  Command=rcu_sched  User=root
PID=8  Command=rcu_bh  User=root
PID=9  Command=migration/0  User=root
PID=10  Command=watchdog/0  User=root


function pid(){
        if [[ $# > 0 ]]
                for i in $@
                        ps -e -o pid,comm,user | awk '{print "PID="$1, " Command="$2," User="$3}'| egrep --color "^PID=$i\W"
                echo "Syntax: pid <pid number> [<pid number>]"
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