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I am doing research into Cisco ASA appliances and SSL/Anyconnect. What is the actual cost to do a VPN with a Firewall by Cisco? I never realized they actually charged and do they charge per connection? Or per VPN set up.

Do the licenses last certain amount of time or once you purchase it , its permanent?

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Your Cisco ASA comes with some license depending on the bundle you purchase. A basic ASA 5510 bundle comes with 2 SSL/Any-connect VPN license and 250 IPSec VPN.

The license is perpetual. It's on a simultaneous connection basis.

This may help further:

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Thank you for finding that link. I wanted to ask: So as a basic license with an ASA i can have just two 2 SSL clients working simultaneously ? I wasn't sure if that was the deal. thankyou. – Bain Feb 16 '13 at 21:33

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