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Im a developer with very limited knowledge of IIS7 administration. Today when attempting to open the IIS instance via the IIS admin GUI i received a message that reads (paraphrased):

"There was an error trying to connect. Do you want to retype your credentials. Error: applicationHost file is malformed xml" - Or similar.

Looking at applicationHost.config file I see that it is empty. Any ideas how I restore this file, or what I can add to it to restore it to its default state?

Cheers, Chris.

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If this is Windows Vista and have a recent backup of your whole machine, you could try to restore the file using the Backup and Restore Center.

The author of the following blog post had the same problem: My Web Server's Dead - Corrupt applicationHost.config

If you just need a copy of the content of that file (for Windows Vista), I copied the XML text from a clean Vista installation and put a ZIP file you can download here. I guess you'll have to stop the IIS service before you access the file.

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I found backups of my ApplicationHost.config at c:\Inetpub\History

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This Issue is due to file 'applicationhost.config' gets corrupt.

mostly backup of this file is stored @ C:\inetpub\history. Delete corrupted file C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationhost.config and restore it from backup. Then start \ restart IIS.

Problem will get solved.

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