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I installed SVN on a windows Apache2. I Have some trouble when i try to connect to SVN using the Eclipse Subversion plugin. For every remote operation (e.g. commit) it waits for about 2 minutes in the background and finally it can correctly end the operation.

If I provide another commit just after another operation it works instantly! If I wait for some minutes and I retry I have to wait like the first operation.... I seems to be something like a session trouble.

I tried to use another client as Windows Subversion Tortoise and it works perfectly, I have this problem only with the Eclipse plugin.

**SW versions (client):**
Eclipse for PHP Dev 3.0.2
Subeclipse 1.8.16
Suversion Client Adapter 1.8.3
Subversuibe JavaHL NLA 1.7.7
Subversion Revision Graph 1.1.1
SVNKit Client Adapter
SVNKit Library 1.7.5

**SW versione (server):**
Subversion for Win32, version 1.7.8
Apache 2.4.3
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Are you sure that tortoise is using http to reach the repository? It might be using the native protocol, that would be much faster. Apache2 mod_dav_svn and native subversion are very different approaches to reach the repository. –  Marcel Apr 3 '13 at 15:49
What version of each of the software do you use? What is the Eclipse plugin? Subversive? Subclipse? What is the server version? What is the client version? What exactly does the delay occur? Do you use IPv6 on your network? –  bahrep Apr 4 '13 at 12:47
I updated my question with sw versions, i did not use ipv6 –  Tobia Apr 8 '13 at 7:34

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