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Hello and sorry if this is a duplicate, just couldn't find the answer... So i own domainA.com and domainB.com (from Godaddy). I forward both to my static ip. Web server is apache 2.2.23 with local ip of I have 2 virtual hosts :


DocumentRoot "C:/webroot/domainA"
ServerName domainA.com
ServerAlias www.domainA.com         

DocumentRoot "C:/webroot/domainB"
ServerName domainB.com
ServerAlias www.domainB.com         

For some reason, if i visit domainB.com, domainA.com takes over. I edited each CNAME for www:

domainA.com : www -> domainA.com
domainB.com : www -> domainB.com

But I'm not too sure about this part....

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Ok figured it out. I had to add NameVirtualHost and remove the www -> domainA.com and use @ instead.

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