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In the sudoers file, how can I use multiple Tag_Specs on the same line.

Normally if I don't want to ask for a password I will do something like this:

who  where = (aswhom) NOPASSWD: commands

I want to use the SETENV tag so that users can preserve environment variables. This works fine like this:

who  where = (aswhom) SETENV: commands

From the sudoers(5) man page:

    Tag_Spec ::= ('NOPASSWD:' | 'PASSWD:' | 'NOEXEC:' | 'EXEC:' |
                  'SETENV:' | 'NOSETENV:' | 'LOG_INPUT:' | 'NOLOG_INPUT:' |
                  'LOG_OUTPUT:' | 'NOLOG_OUTPUT:')

I can't see how I can use multiple tags on the same entry. I would both like to use NOPASSWD and SETENV on the same line.

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The same commands:

who  where = (aswhom) NOPASSWD:SETENV: commands

The different commands:

who  where = (aswhom) NOPASSWD: command1, SETENV: command2
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Thank you, works as expected. It's obvious now but I couldn't see it before. –  David Feb 19 '13 at 4:54

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