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I've set up folder redirection for my user profile in our domain. I noticed something weird when I logged on to the server on which the user profile data is located. All my redirected folders are read-only on this system.

For example, there's this INI file by Firefox:


\\\UserData would be a DFS namespace containing one entry, Profiles which is pointed to a shared volume on my server

When logging on to any system in the domain, I will be able to write to the .ini file just fine. When logging on to, I won't be able to write to it. This is also indicated when I try to start FirefoxPortable:

enter image description here

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I still don't understand the why part of this question, but, at least, I found a solution.

I'm now reversing the folder redirection policies in a new GPO, which I apply on the computer level to the storage system. You're gonna want to make sure to activate loopback processing mode on the new GPO as well to fully replace the users folder redirection settings.

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