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We have a Dell T410 server using :

  • A4/B4 -
  • A1/A1 - 2GB/2GB 1066mhz
  • A2/A2 - 2GB/2GB 1066mhz
  • A3/A3 -

I have 2x4GB 1333mkz for upgrade to 16GB.

But :

  • A4/B4 -
  • A1/A1 - 2GB/2GB 1066mhz
  • A2/A2 - 2GB/2GB 1066mhz
  • A3/A3 - 4GB/4GB 1333mhz


  • A4/B4 - 2GB/2GB 1066mhz
  • A1/A1 - 2GB/2GB 1066mhz
  • A2/A2 - 4GB/4GB 1333mhz
  • A3/A3 -

Won't work :'( warning "memory configuration".

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Did you use registered ECC or unregistered/unbuffered EEC RAM? (For both old and new modules)? – Hennes Feb 19 '13 at 15:52

The T410 uses a dual docket motherboard with LGA 1366 triple channel CPU's.

If you only have one CPU installed then:

  • you only can use the DIMMs sockets connected to that CPU.
  • Best performance will be with 3 DIMMs installed since the CPU supports triple channel access.
  • All DIMMs must be of the same type:
    All DIMMS used at the same speed. (In your case 533 MHz for the -1066 modules)
    All DIMMs must be registered or unregistered.
    All DIMMS must use ECC. (See manual page 33). Regular non-ECC modules are not supported.

T410 manual

If you have two CPUs installed then both have their own (local) memory.

You will need to install them in a very specific order, as show in this part of the manual: enter image description here

Most of the rules which applied to the single CPU setup also apply here, though you might get away with running the -1333 modules at -1066 speeds.

Also note that if you enabled memory mirroring then you must have identical memory configuration in Channel_0 and Channel_1 and not have memory in Channel_3.

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Graphics! In color! They aren't kittens, but +1 nonetheless. – the-wabbit Feb 19 '13 at 16:49
I considered just copying the text, but I figured out this would be a mild hint to get someone read the manual. Which is always a good thing before ordering server parts. – Hennes Feb 19 '13 at 17:13

Look at page 34 of the T410 technical guide. You can only install 3 DIMM's if you have 1 processor. If you have 2 processors, you must install in pairs as shown in the table. Also, your DIMM speeds must match; you can not mix speeds.

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