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I'm new at windows management, before I've worked only with Apple Macs.

Now I am at a company that has almost 100 computers with different boards, brands, different hard drives, etc.. in different locations, it's a nightmare!

Right now the company have also different domains.

I want to unify everything.

How can i manage the software and windows updates?

I have windows server 2008. Can I use Group Policy?

If yes, where can i find more information?

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For software, start by reviewing the needs of everybody, and standardize on a few profiles with the same operating system and other software. Define policies on updating, antivirus, ... Later on see how to place everything under a common roof (the whole Windows domains stuff).

For hardware, you could evaluate a contract for planned machine renewal with some of the bigger vendors. That way you'll have reasonably up to date machines with uniform configuration in the user's hands in a few years, and that maintains itself.

[No Windows use for a round of years now, so this is mostly generic advice.]

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For Software, i am migrating emails to Google Apps, but first i have to change the internal network and some cables and internet connection. I still have HUBs from Intel.... Then i have more than 16 mini access applications... but changing the ERP, problem solved. But will cost me $$$.... The hardware is a problem because 2/3 of the machines just need RAM and a new harddrive, the problem is that almost all the machines are white label, asus, asrock, ecs, forxconn.... In my best dreams if i can change the ERP for a browser application, ubuntu + chrome and problem solved. – Jamexcb Feb 20 '13 at 21:42

I'd be tempted to take a look at Dell KACE. It's not free, but is one of the best unified management / configuration / deployment platforms for windows management.

Alternatively to that, there's built-in tools in Windows Server 2008, such as Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

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Thanks, KACE seems nice. – Jamexcb Feb 20 '13 at 22:40
But is expensive for 100 computers. I will call to see if they have a solution for smaller companies.… – Jamexcb Feb 20 '13 at 22:44
Dude.. That's List Price. Nobody pays that. – Tom O'Connor Feb 21 '13 at 1:10
Meraki have a free solution. it's not perfect. But it's free – Jamexcb Oct 2 '13 at 20:47

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