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I am trying to control geographically remote (Android) machines using VNC. Some of these machines are behind firewalls. I was planning on putting all these machines on a VPN and being done with it. Then I could log into the VPN and be able to control the machines.

However, to use a VPN with Android is problematic, because on reboot, Android requires the user to manually approve the VPN.

User action is required to create a VPN connection.

The main thing I need to is be able to access each Android with VPN though a firewall. Is there another way to be able to do this without a VPN?

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Although there are means to do an awful lot of things even through a firewall (look at the contemporary backdoor software for a colorful list of examples), you would not be able to do any of it on an out-of-the-box Android host as all of this would require appropriate software support at the Android end - which is just the same kind of problem that you have with establishing a VPN connection.

That being said, you might take a look at what Tasker can do for you. The small VPNCilla project is an example of how VPNC (a Cisco VPN client) can be auto-run by Tasker. Here you will find a short discussion thread where people claim to have other VPN clients autostarted via Tasker - including OpenVPN.

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