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Is it still common practice to use a DRBD/Heartbeat solution for a high available MySQL Instance when the whole environment is virtualized (in our Case VMWare) Are there other/better solutions out there to achieve similar results?

For us running built-in VMWare tools like HA or Fault Toleration are not an option.


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Why isn't VMware HA an option? What are you trying to protect against? – ewwhite Feb 22 '13 at 13:17
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What kind of HA do you need?

  • If it is at first consistency (durability) than DRBD with Pacemaker or SAN is your choice. Also take a look at Percona XtraDB Cluster (synchronous replication, but InnoDB tables only);

  • If it is about read availability (reads are important then writes) then you can use Pacemaker + VIP + mysqlping cluster resource (

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