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I'm using postfix on ubuntu 12.04 server, with help from

after setting up sasl as above guide, I tried sendmail - and sendmail just hangs.

here's what I've done:

# cat mail.mail
To: <myid>
Subject: test mail
From: root@<>

a test mail

# sendmail -vt mail.mail
(a blank line displayed forever and i have to Ctrl+C out of it)

though I can send mail via telnet.

#telnet localhost 25
MAIL FROM: root@<>
RCPT TO: <myid>
test mail

(mail sent to <myid>, thrown directly to junks though)
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sendmail doesn't accept a message file as a parameter, it reads the message from stdin. You need to pipe the message text into sendmail:

sendmail -vt < mail.mail
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thanks. I'm so stupid.. – thkang Feb 22 '13 at 18:38

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