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I'm having problems installing Asp.net on my Windows Server 2012 VM

Server Manager > Dashboard > Add roles and features > Server Roles

Server Roles
Full image


Features Full image


Confirm Full image


enter image description here Full image

It is a new virtual machine, just installed windows server 2012. The only difference is that when I installed IIS, I'm not selected ASP.net. I'm doing this now.

XML with configuration and all images in http://cl.ly/N8G5

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Looks like you need to provide the source for additional files needed from the install CD. If you have the install .iso used for the install of Windows 2012, put it within one of your datastores if it isn't there already, add a virtual CD drive for the VM in settings that points to it, and then point to it when asked to specify an alternate source for the files.

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Same error, I tried to specify my CD drive d: but still error occurred. I tried also specify d:\sources, but same error. –  Ridermansb Feb 23 '13 at 20:28
Maybe try a manual install of ASP.NET 4.5 first - download and install, and then re-try. Where was the initial install done from - VM template, direct from .iso? –  Gregory Thomson Feb 23 '13 at 20:39

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