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I am trying to setup a Pseudo Distributed Hadoop Cluster on my machine. Env Details : Host OS: Windows Guest OS: Ubuntu

  • Vm's Created one master and one slave.
  • I was able to run the hadoop wordcount successfully on single node cluster
  • But when i tried to add the slave, the datanode, jobtracker, namenode and secondary namenode starts fine in the Master but no data node starts in the slave.
    • I am able to ping the slave and login to the slave using ssh from my master.
    • /etc/host file contains the correct entries in both vm's
    • I am using NAT and Host only Adapter to get a static ip for the VM's

Master Node = zenda1

Slave Node = Zenda











The hadoop folder is located at diff locations( folders location) in my Master and Slave nodes.

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I have found the solution: The data nodes in the slave machines dint start because the location of hadoop home in my master and slaves were different. When I copied the hadoop home of slave node into the desktop ( thats where the hadoop home of my master node resides). It started working fine.

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