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I recently installed qemu-kvm in Centos 6.3 x86_64.

I want to start a VM only with an iso file, so i typed:

qemu-kvm -hda file.iso -m 1024

but I only get

VNC server running on

I tried appending '-vga std' to the command, but i cant get virt-viewer to start.

How can I get qemu-kvm to automatically start virt-viewer?

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qemu-kvm has no option to launch the viewer; you must do it manually:

 qemu-kvm -hda file.iso -m 1024 && virt-viewer .. 
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Simply type in "virt-manager" in the shell. You should be able to connect to the local hypervisor (KVM) and have a view on the VM you just started.

You can also start the VM through virt-manager, btw.

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qemu-kvm has nothing to do with virt-viewer, which is a part of libvirt. virt-viewer can actually connect to VMs started through libvirt (using virsh or virt-manager), not directly via qemu-kvm. Of course there can be workarounds, but if you want to use virt-viewer, there should be no reason not to run your VMs via libvirt.

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