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My port at 7878 for SOAP access cannot be connected to by my webhost. Other external servers can see it just fine. I'm not sure what's going on with my host, but it's shown to be useless. Is there a way to set it up in the php.ini to where the port can be seen? Thanks

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Have you tried connecting from your host to your external IP rather than internal IP or localhost? –  sjdaws Feb 25 '13 at 7:52
Yes of course. I've used my external IP, the subdomain that routes to my home server, both of those have failed on connect. Checking at canyouseeme and such they show the port being open. The tech support was useless and so I'm hoping there may be something inside the php config that I just didn't know about that could be locking me from listening on my host's side. –  Morgan Green Feb 25 '13 at 7:56
And... this might be a stupid question, but have you tried as well? Do you have shell access to this server? –  sjdaws Feb 25 '13 at 8:00
I do have shell access. Trying to connect to would be pointless as the ports that need to be checked are at my IP –  Morgan Green Feb 25 '13 at 8:03
Can you show the output of iptables -L. The reason I asked about as we have previously been with a host who blocked requests originating from the same ip as our server. If you know external sites can see everything correctly, why can't you check locally? –  sjdaws Feb 25 '13 at 8:07

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