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I found the following tool to convert a MySQL database to MSSQL. We want to know if there is anything else available to do this before we go buying products.

We tried

mysqldump --compatible=mssql --result-file=dbname_mssql.sql dbname

no luck. Any ideas?

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similar discussion… – Troggy Jul 30 '09 at 19:47

If you have MSSQL Development edition or higher you already have the tool for you needs!

Checkout This Post on how to use SSIS with MySQL and SQL Server. You can then use the data flow to manipulate the data from one server/table to another.

And of course see this Stack Overflow discussion :)

Hope this helps.

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For simplier databases and a bit of manual work, you can dump mysql as CSV and then import into SQL Server using select ... outfile.

There is also a tool on code project that apparently does this (I haven't verified whether it works).

Microsoft has a guide (from 2001, so it's a bit dated) about migrating from MySQL to SQL Server 2000.

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