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I'm trying to connect to MySQL server from my dev machine(win 7) using 'Toad for MySQL'. MySQL server is located on AMI windows instance(amazon ec2). I have had success earlier with dedicated servers from godaddy. I'm asked to evaluate Amamzon ec2 for my company.

  1. This is my ami-161b5c44.
  2. I have setup an elastic IP and allocated the ip to the above instance.
  3. I have added the following rules in addition to default security group: 22(ssh),80(http),3306(mysql),3389(rdp)
  4. Granted all privileges to the user(root) in MySQL.
  5. Changed the mysql config file to bind to
  6. Added a rule in windows firewall to allow inbound requests to mysql.exe on port 3306
  7. In toad: connection type: TCP, Host(ip), user:root, password:*,Database:name_db, port:3306.

When I hit connect I get this on toad: "MySQL Database Error: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts."

Any help is much appreciated.

Regards, Rohith

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Fixed it. Windows firewall add rule config issue. I just let all inbound ips to connect to port 3306 and not from a specific ip.

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