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Zabbix newbie here. (Using Zabbix 1.8.)

I'm looking for documentation that will help me to configure following alert:

  1. Once per 15 minutes check whois
  2. If whois info is changed since the last check, send e-mail to
  3. E-mail should contain the output of whois command that was executed previously (a diff would be cool, but is not necessary).

I'm having trouble with item 3 of the list (and I'm not satisfied with how I implemented item 1, so I'm looking for some hints on the "right" way to do it.) Reading Zabbix docs did not clear things enough for me, unfortunately. Any clues?

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  • Create UserParameter in zabbix agent on your host, containing outout of whois command.
  • Test new item with zabbix_get command
  • Create new item for host: type - Zabbix Agent, key - name of your User Parameter
  • Create new trigger, monitoring chandging of your item
  • Create and configure media type "Email" in Administration - Media Types. You need working mail server
  • In Configuration - Actions you should create new action. It's message should include {ITEM.LASTVALUE}
  • Add condition to the action: Trigger = your trigger
  • Add opetration to the action: send message to your user. User must have configured mail address
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