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I am trying to run VNC at 5900, but allegedly some process is holding it, thus vnc complains: NOT accepting connections.

how to fix that

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  • Is it already installed as a service, but you're launching it as a client? The service will already have the port open.
  • Is the built-in firewall interfering?
  • As a temporary work-around, have you considered just bumping the display port by 1? This serves as a diagnostic - if you can connect to {host IP}:5901 just fine, then most likely the port really is taken. If that host-port combo also fails, then it's more likely your firewall is causing you grief.
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start -> run -> cmd -> netstat -b

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you can use netstat -o as well in combination with task manager. – Keith Jul 31 '09 at 2:32

TCPView from sysinternals -

The entire sysinternals suite is highly recommended.

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download and run cports which is available here. this will tell you what process is listening on what ports.

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sure there are other tools but is one tool i have used in the past

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