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Is it possible to run PHP-FPM with Apache or is that a nginx only option?

Looking for ways to use apache and keep .htaccess but gain better php performance like able to take more reqs per sec.

EDIT: I also run nginx as a front-end reverse proxy for static content.

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PHP-FPM is PHP FastCGI process manager. Fastcgi is protocol for communication between application server and webserver. FastCGI is supported for all major web servers - apache2, lighttpd, nginx, cherokee, IIS.

For Apache 2.4, you can use mod_proxy_fcgi. Apache 2.4 is recommended because of performance improvements and new super-fast mpm_event engine. For older Apache versions you have to rely on third party mod_proxy_fcgi, because bundled mod_fcgid does not work with externally spawned processes like phpf-fpm.

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Yes, It is possible. According to me Nginx is more flexible, light loaded server than Apache. I am personally using Nginx to run php-fpm.

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I run shared hosting so I can't drop Apache. I've setup a social network on varnish/nginx+php-fpm and they run good. – Tiffany Walker Mar 4 '13 at 17:30

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