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I have created a test environment with Windows Server 2008 R2 as domain server. A TMG Server is also installed on Windows Server R2 and a member of the domain. On the TMG Server I created the following policies:

  1. Allow protocol HTTP, HTTPS from internal to some specific websites like *, *, * etc to HR manager and HR Users group.
  2. Allow protocol HTTP, HTTPS from internal to external to Engineering Manager and Users group.
  3. Allow protocol HTTP, HTTPS from internal to external to all

When I disable the 3rd policy to check the internet connectivity on a client in the HR or Engineering department, I got an error: A connection was gracefully closed in an orderly shutdown process with a three-way FIN-initiated handshake under logs and reporting.

When I re-enable the 3rd policy, the internet works fine. I tried on a webclient and a TMG client as well.

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