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I used to have most of my users on PST files for local email archiving, however, I'm now getting a lot of staff using iOS and Android devices quite heavily for work (sales).

How can I store their emails? I'm looking for any suggestions, all welcome, even if they come with some caveats.

Now, I know there are more (much more) than a few Exchange archiving software options out there, that's one route, but are there any apps for local archiving on their devices?

I know an app would be pretty, but I have no legal requirement to keep the email - I'm really just trying to facillitate the needs of a small (but very vocal) group. It needs to be in a format that could, if needed, outlive the device if/when it's retired.

For ref, I'm running one Exchange server on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine to serve about 19 email users.

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How would you have a "local archiving" outliving the device (which probably would not be backed up ever, right)? Why can't you use a server-based archiving solution? –  the-wabbit Mar 5 '13 at 11:46

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The Exclaimer product you link to won't fullfil your needs. It looks to use Exchange 2010 Journaling to archive all mail sent/ received from your users. This appears to be for "all" users and not "per" user.

Exchange's archiving essentially give a "second" archive mailbox on a separate mailbox database server.

I don't know of any way a user would be able to access archives on a mobile device let alone an app that would allow you to store an archive on that device (it's a bad idea anyway). If Users absolutely need access to those emails on their mobile devices, your likely only option is to increase the limits on your mailbox databases. If you don't have the capacity to do that (also think of if your backup solution can handle larger mailboxes), see if you can get funds for more storage space for your Exchange Server.

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