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I have seen lots of SaaS solutions provide client specific email URLs like the following: anyalias@* This is a new concept to me but i need to adopt it for future application requirements. Few questions.

  1. can i populate a "*" MX record to push mail to ANY subdomain to a certain email host? Will my existing MX continue as normal?
  2. Is there an email server or hosted service that could function as a single "catch-all" mailbox. Then we would design an agent or service to parse the messages.

I am kinda stumped on this one so please contribute in any way even if it means asking a question!

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1) yes, this is possible (it actually depends on your dns server, but afaik most of them can handle wildcard records)   3600 MX 10
* 3600 MX 10

2) Accepting all subdomains is certainly possible with postfix, other MTAs probably as well. Parsing messages (as in "read headers to get the recipient") is rarely a good idea, it's safer to filter based on the envelope recipient address. But it really depends on what exactly you are trying to do with those messages.

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Thanks for your input. The purpose is to serve as an input for DMS. The receive alias and sub-domain are metadata we can use within our application. – MaCuban Mar 5 '13 at 17:17

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