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I created a simple custom fact:

Facter.add(:hello) do
  setcode do
    "Hello, world"

and put it here (on puppetmaster):


I'm testing it on puppet client:

facter hello

and see nothing.

Whereas this command works (on puppet client):

facter --puppet hello
Hello, world

Checking if the fact is synced (on puppet client):

puppetd --test --pluginsync
info: Retrieving plugin
info: Loading facts in /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter/hello.rb
info: Caching catalog for

It looks like the custom fact is synced fine. I can't understand why it's not available via facter.

Also, how can I use this new fact from puppetmaster? I need to build a simple conditional based on the custom fact.

For example, I added in site.pp (on puppetmaster):

$string = "$hello"
notice("Testing custom fact: $string")

Again, in syslog there is no line from the notice function.

I studied a lot of documentation and still can't get how to make it work. I will appreciate if someone could look on this issue.

Thank you.

Configuration: Ubuntu Server 12.04, Puppet 2.7.11, facter 1.6.5

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The custom facts from puppet are only used in puppet runs or when you use the --puppet flag on facter. If you're not ok with that, then put the custom facts somewhere that facter will always use - see here for details.

The fact should be present for the catalog compile; you probably aren't logging notice messages. To use it as a condition:

if $hello == "Hello, world" {
  notify { "found": }
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