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I need to set up a VPN.

I experimented with PPTP, but I got a lot of problems. VPN connection doesn't work behind some routers or mobile / wifi connections.

So I'm looking for a failsafe VPN solution. Something that should always work, no matter where we are. Just like SSH or HTTP.

Any ideas ?

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You tagged your question with openvpn. Have you tried it? it is about the easiest vpn solution to get up and running. – Matt Mar 5 '13 at 21:20

Previously I've used ppp over ssh and SSL - which has worked for me - even with VOIP - but doesn't work with MSWindows or mobile devices.

Have you tried openVPN (essentially ppp over SSL - but there's clients for MSWindows, iOS and Android as well as Linux and other Unixen).

(you might not need support for multiple devices - but designing it in from the begining avoids having to reimplement if you ever do need it)

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+1 on the openvpn. Put it on port 443, and it should go through pretty much any firewall. – mulaz Mar 5 '13 at 17:41

OpenVPN should work no matter where you are, I used it briefly on my Android phone. It worked behind several wifi connections, and on mobile. The only issue I had with the app I used ( I couldn't find anything excellent, but others may have found something better ) was that it drops the VPN when you switch wifi's or you switch from wifi to mobile network.

That said, PPTP is no longer considered secure, so OpenVPN is a better choice to begin with on that front.

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