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How can I query account type information. Things like who and users don't show this. Also tried things like dscacheutil -q user

I'd like to know if a users account is a mobile account and I am doing this through SSH, inevitably I'd like to make a script so any network managed account can be made a mobile managed account using this command I found to make a current user's account a mobile account sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/ -n userid -v

Any thoughts on how I can query that information? Account types I am aware of are Local, Networked Managed and Mobile Managed, but I cannot find any way to get this information via CLI.

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Not sure but perhaps the dscl command can help you? I've not tried this before but it can do a lot with Directory Services query and commands. Good luck I'm curious about this too now. – bispymusic Mar 2 '13 at 3:36
@bispymusic Unfortunately, I have tried quite a bit with dscl and nothing has been fruitful in providing the information I'm looking for. dscl . readall /users seems to give the most information overall as well, but still nothing of what I want. Thanks for the thought. I will keep everyone posted, if I find a solution. Still looking for one... – TryTryAgain Mar 4 '13 at 18:20

If it's AD, you can use dsconfigad to see if the settings are set correctly

dsconfigad -show | grep Create\ mobile\ account

As for finding out if current users are mobile or not, I'm in the same boat and will post if I find something.

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I'm not sure this answers completely the question, but I noticed that when I set an account to be a mobile account, file $HOME/.account is created. For local accounts and network accounts, this file doesn't exist

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None of my, AD bound computers, mobile accounts, have that hidden file you mention. Could have been a little helpful. Which OS version do you see this on? I don't see this on anything 10.7+ – TryTryAgain Dec 3 '13 at 19:20

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