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I am working with hudson and trying to modify the job specific page for each job. suppose i have created a job "ABC". After adding the job i go to the job page by clicking on the job name on the main dashboard. There in the side panel i want to add one more option suppose say "ABC option" just below the "configure" option. For that which jelly file should b modified??

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Use Docklinks plugin. My guess is using above plugin is the similar way, what you want to achieve....

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Nope. thats not what i am searching for. i just want the method to add a button in the SIDEPANEL of a particular job page. In this case after creating a job ABC then i want a button in the sidepanel in this location: "localhost:8080/job/ABC/"; where localhost:8080 is my hudson home page. thanks in advance – user163347 Mar 7 '13 at 9:58

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