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IIS 8 connections panel

I need to connect to a Windows server through IIS 8 to configure a website, but I can't create a new connection in my manager.

The online documentation tells about a set of buttons I am supposed to have in the highlighted area of the screenshot above, but apparently these are absent on my end.

From the online documentation:

The Connections toolbar contains the following buttons that let you interact with the tree:

Create New Connection: starts the connection wizard to connect to a web server, a site, or an application.

Save Current Connections: saves the connection information for the current list of connections in the tree.

Up: goes up one level in the hierarchy.

Delete Connection: removes the selected connection in the tree. If you click this button when you are on a node other than the connection node, such as a physical folder, the parent connection is removed from the list.

The only button available is the Up button, as per screenshot.

How do I create a new connection in my manager? Did I miss installing a certain package with the Web Platform Installer, or do I have to enable something in the Windows features?

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Is everything installed properly under the server role? – Ericrobert Mar 8 '13 at 23:50
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Install this:

Add a "Create New Connection" button to IIS manager.

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That did it. Thank you a lot. – caiosm1005 Mar 30 '13 at 20:35

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