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We are a community college that is plodding forward with a Google Apps for Education implementation. There is support for Single Sign On and a fair amount of documentation for implementing it.

We are looking to provide integration with our portal which is currently Luminis 3 (we are upgrading to Luminis 4 within a year). There is documentation available for Luminis specific integration, but apparently it is by request only. I have put the request in to SungardHE (where we license Luminis) and am waiting for a response.

My questions are as follows...

  1. Is anyone here running Luminis?

  2. Have you tried to integrate it with a 3rd party email service like Google Apps for Education or Microsoft LiveEDU?

  3. If so, can you elaborate on implementation details above and beyond your Luminis installation and Google Apps setup? Looking for more of a general road map and differences between integration options with Luminis 3 and Luminis 4.


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We are using a product from CampusEAI Consortium called myCampus. It comes with integration to Google Apps and Microsoft Live@EDU.

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We are invested with Luminis at this point and can't consider switching any time soon. Part of this is because we have critical functionality relying on integration between Luminis and our Banner databases. –  J.Zimmerman Aug 1 '09 at 0:23

You may want to look at http://www.lumdev.net/ and specifically the "GCF / CPIP / CAS Connectors" forum. We haven't looked at Google Apps or Live@EDU integration, but I'd imagine they can likely be done with variations on the MOWA connector.

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We were looking at luminis. We have had CAS in place for Single Sign On, and it integrates with MOST educational products.

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