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I have an existing SVN directory path with camel case that look like this, IP_PATH/svn/ProjectA. I would like to change the path to lowercase that look like this, IP_PATH/svn/projecta, anyhow I couldn't find any source that doing this, may I know can this be done?

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I assume that the background of your question is that you are on windows and your file system can't distinguish the upper and lower case characters.

Using the svn command with an url is the approbate workaround:

svn mv -m "rename to lower case directory name" \
IP_PATH/svn/ProjectA IP_PATH/svn/projecta
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Not sure if it's still an open issue but this used to confuse clients doing updates with case insensitive file systems. Be good to do a real world test if it could impact others. – vinnyjames Mar 13 '13 at 21:46
I assume that svn mv command is applied to all platform. I am worry what if the path has been change and SVN not able to trace back the path as it has been change to lowercase. – huahsin68 Mar 16 '13 at 7:40

I had an issue moving a folder due to case sensitivity (OSX 10.10). I had to move the original folder to a temporary name in my working copy before moving it to it's final name.

for example:

svn mv ProjectA      ProjectA_tmp
svn mv ProjectA_tmp  projecta
svn commit -m "rename to lower case directory name"
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