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We are using tfs2008 and it was already set up before I started. I want to find out what the sql server instance name is that is used by tfs 2008.


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Team Foundation Server Administration Console should be able to tell you the Data Tier Server and the SQL Server Instance name.

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There is no admin console in 2008. – user164231 Mar 12 '13 at 20:53

The instance name is by default TFSINSTANCE. If you're running a single-server deployment where the all of the services are running on the same server then the server name would be \\TFSINSTANCE. You can confirm this by opening the SQL Server Configuration manager on the database server. You should see the SQL Server service which will include the instances name.

see: How to: Stop and Start Services, Application Pools, and Web Sites

You can also use the TFSAdminUtil tool to view the connections that are configured. The /view option is the one that will show you connection settings.

TFSAdminUtil ConfigureConnections /view

see: ConfigureConnections Command

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