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We have some experience using Red Hat Satellite in an environment with ~120 servers. Now we're looking into deploying Ubuntu in parallel for the further growth.

How does Landscape compare to Satellite with regards to features and usability?

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I think one of the main differences is the fact that in Landscape you cannot have off-line install, with your own servers, you have always to be connected to the Landscape servers...

Also, Satellite went open source, called Spacewalk, i would kill for an opensourced Landscape...

Anyway, there's a project for supporting deb files on spacewalk, but I don't know what status does it have...

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Landscape does have an off-line install feature: – Luke has no name Jun 3 '10 at 6:52
Finally! :D It didn't at the time of the question :P – Andor Jun 22 '10 at 13:49
Landscape on-site installation is called "Landscape Dedicated Server" apparently :) – Peter Souter Apr 26 at 9:10
Now called, OPL, On Premises Landscape :) ;) – Andor Apr 27 at 16:36

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