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i have a problem when creating a mailbox with plesk on icewarp merak mail server latest version, when i enable the password policy,i need that because when i enable enable just dictionary on plesk it doesn't effect that merak mail web interface, users could login to their mailboxes and i couldn't define the credentials that passwords should be. i need to enable merak password policy because it's more flexible. but when i enable it and create a new account from plesk,i are having the error below;

Error: Unable to update the mail account properties:mailmng failed: Creating kemal@tancu.net
SetProperty(U_Name, kemal)
SetProperty(U_Alias, kemal)
SetProperty(U_Comment, Plesk mail account)
SetProperty(U_Mailbox, kemal@tancu.net)
SetProperty(U_Password, )
SetProperty(U_UseRemoteAddress, true)
SetProperty(U_AccountType, 1)
SetProperty(U_MailBoxPath, tancu.net\kemal)
MerakCOM.AccountObject.Save failed for name=kemal and domain tancu.net [tancu.net]at (Merak::MerakMailName::MerakMailName line 51)
at execute console command --add-mailname(vconsoleapp::start line 129)
at execute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk/admin/bin/mailmng" --add-mailname "--domain-name=tancu.net" "--mailname=kemal"(vconsoleapp::run line 140)

any ideas? 

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If you have Plesk 11 you can switch on Plesk's password policy.

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