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Hi i want to run SARG on system shutdown and creating new access-log file on the next booting of the server. How can i get it done ??

My Purpose is to have daily access logs on the server to be accessible easily.

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Which distro are you using? How about /etc/cron.daily/sarg? –  quanta Mar 13 '13 at 10:06
I am using Fedora 17 ... Can you give me bit more explanations on the above command..@quanta –  Prem_Kumar_S Mar 13 '13 at 10:18
Does it exist? Isn't it create a daily report for you? –  quanta Mar 13 '13 at 10:20
no it does not exist –  Prem_Kumar_S Mar 13 '13 at 10:31
How did you install sarg? –  quanta Mar 13 '13 at 10:32

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