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I have a server with 32GB ram, one intel E3-1245 and four 15k SAS disks with a BB LSI MegaRaid controller. I wan't the optimal performance for my server, which will be pretty write heavy at times, and acceptable with less optimization for redundancy, as my data is not very crucial and I will be running a streaming replication along side.

Now what would be best to go with:

  1. 3 disks in RAID 0 containing PGDATA + 1 containing SYSTEM and WAL
  2. All four in RAID 10 containing both PGDATA, SYSTEM AND WAL
  3. 2 disks in RAID 1 containing PGDATA + 2 disks in RAID 1 containing SYSTEM and WAL
  4. Something different?
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RAID 10 is definitely the best answer. With four drives there is really nothing else to remotely consider.

Those two links will address RAID 10 for your scenario from both the use case and the drive count perspective.

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RAID-10 is a typical choice for databases.

And you don't have to tinker at separate system drive, unless you have plans to use it heavily (all of the sudden).

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