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I am having trouble connecting to a remote server with X2GO using a DSA key. Connecting works fine over SSH, but when I try to connect with X2GO, it goes immediately to the username/password box and doesn't want to use the private key I specify in the options. If I select "Try auto login" it appears to try to connect and then I get the following error:

No public key matched
Access denied. Authentication that can continue: publickey

It was working previously, but I reinstalled the client OS and since then I am unable to connect. I copied all of the SSH keys over from the previous installation.

I also tried deleting my ~/.ssh/known_hosts file and adding the key to ssh-agent with no success, but the key is definitely added correctly:

$ ssh-add -l
1024 b9:3d:e5:ef:48:ea:fc:c6:6e:45:89:b5:35:e7:58:39 server.com_dsa (DSA)

Note, if I enable password authentication on the server, I can connect fine, however I would like to use publickey. Any ideas how I can connect with public key authentication?

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Which server/client combination are you trying?

When I use a OSX client against an Ubuntu server, everything works fine. Just do the typical copying of public keys to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server.

When I use a Windows client against an Ubuntu server, it works, but is flaky/buggy.

For the latter, you need to follow the instructions here. Essentially, you need to run:

C:\Program Files\x2goclient>ssh-keygen.exe -t dsa

Then get the key into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server.

You also need to pay attention to specifying the corresponding private key file when configuring a specific connection on the windows client.

In the present Windows client, it will prompt me, unnecessarily, to Enter passphrase to decrypt a key three times, pause a bit, and then let me into the server. Everything seems to work fine until I log out, after which the client hangs/crashes.

This client is build on Windows 8.

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It turns out, on the server, I was using %h/.ssh/authorized_keys2 instead of %h/.ssh/authorized_keys in my sshd_config file, so I was adding the keys to the wrong file. However, I can now only connect if I previously add the key to ssh-agent and not by simply specifying the key in the x2go client options. – Mike Apr 29 '13 at 16:18

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